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Get to Know the Crossover Paranormal Team!

Ted – Psychic Empath / Investigator

A long-tenured veteran of all things ghostly, Ted has been investigating the paranormal since 2004. His experiences with the supernatural, however, have been a lifelong presence. “When I was a little kid,” Ted says, “I would see shadow figures in my bedroom. When I would tell my mom, she would tell me that those were God’s angels watching over me.”

While Ted says he’s investigated “too many locations to count,” he says his top locations would include Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Fort Mifflin, Fort Niagara, Eastern State Penitentiary, and Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Ted’s affinity for some of these locations might be a result of his other career, a Corrections Officer with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

Ted says that different locations often call for different equipment. “Not all places react to the same equipment,” he says. He adds, however, “the one piece of equipment I use more than the others is my SLS Camera.”

Ted finds joy in helping others when they are in distress due to possible paranormal activity in their homes. Ted likes to restore peace to families who believe, whether accurate or not, that they are experiencing paranormal activity.

When Ted is not walking the halls of hospitals and prisons, functioning or abandoned, he spends time playing his guitar, constructing scale models, practicing the martial arts, and target shooting.