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Get to Know the Crossover Paranormal Team!

Faith – Psychic Medium / Investigator

Faith has been a medium since her childhood.

“My first experience was at 5 years of age, during Christmas with my family when I asked who the man standing by the tree was. After looking at family photos I discovered he was my passed great grandfather. I have always had a strong sense of intuition and I have psychic dreams and visions.”

At 13 Faiths’ family moved into a home that was so active that they invited 3 different paranormal teams to try and calm things down. They lived in that home for 2 long years. After moving Faith knew she wanted to use her gifts to help people who felt like she did.

Faith has dealt with everything from hauntings to possessions. She has been cleansing homes, and investigating the paranormal for over 10 years.

Faith is an active tarot reader and spiritual guidance advisor. When she is not investigating she is a stay at home mom of two beautiful children. She is a wife, activist, coffee addict, skincare entrepreneur and practicing pagan.

“Blessed to be apart of the team, and can’t wait to help solve all your paranormal mysteries!!”