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Get to Know the Crossover Paranormal Team!

Brandy – Psychic Medium / Investigator

Brandy’s investigative career started in the summer of 2008. Her first experience, however, takes us way back to the year 1990! Brandy woke up to find her dead grandmother sitting across the room from her, telling her that “everything would be alright.” Shortly thereafter, those words became reality and certain stressful situations in Brandy’s life truly did start to turn around!

In 2006, she unknowingly moved into a new home that ended up being haunted. At first, Brandy tried to make excuses and rationalize what was happening, but she would eventually capture the image of spirit that was walking her halls on camera.

During the summer of 2008, Brandy started exploring the Rails to Trails Conservancy and abandoned tunnels in West Virginia. She was regaled with stories of the paranormal and unexplained, which led to her first investigations, including investigating her own home, leading to the aforementioned evidence of the spirit in her home. It’s Brandy’s desire to help people and further understand “what happens to our souls after we part from our physical bodies” that keeps Brandy so invested and engaged in the field.

Outside of the world of the paranormal, Brandy spends her time hanging out with family and friends or at career as a Paralegal for a Family Law and Probate Attorney. Brandy is also Psychic Medium. She began publicly doing readings for people in 2011. “I enjoy bringing closure to those who seek it,” she says.

If Brandy looks familiar, it may be due to an appearance on a 2010 episode of Ghost Hunters, featuring the Bissman Building in Mansfield, Ohio. Some of her favorite investigations have taken place at the Old Licking County Jail, Bissman Building, Silver Run Tunnel, and Rolling Hills Asylum.